projects aimed at solving socially significant problems
Best Impact Project
The project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Galichsky" is aimed at creating a model of a police station capable, on the one hand, of demonstrating functionality, and on the other hand, of ensuring that the police are accountable to the interests of society. The goal of the project is to direct the main vector of police activity not to detention and punishment, but to the prevention of crime by interacting with the citizens at a social level.
Project author:
Renat Sultanov

Master (MA in Architecture and Urbanism), Architecture School MARCH

Program curator:
Nikolai Belousov
Anton Timofeev

Project was made in the studio "Synchronisation. Galich"
Today, the first associations anyone has with the word "trash" are garbage, a dump, filth, and an unpleasant smell and appearance. Something you want to get rid of as soon as possible. The Four Bins project destroys all the myths about sorting and garbage and gives them a second chance. The concept I have chosen is based on keywords: lifestyle, clarity, brightness.

Two series of posters were designed for people who support the idea of sorting waste, emphasizing brightness, aesthetics and value of garbage compositions, which could find a place in the city center, cafes or art spaces, parks or co-working spaces, as the project is for everyone.

The variability of my project was the images of flowers. Why flowers? Because it is an obvious metaphor related to recycling and creating something new. Flowers are the free beauty in nature. With them, I created a small capsule collection of merch made from recycled materials. Stylish, modern shoppers, backpacks, bags, socks and more were designed to support the project.

The approach to aesthetics can change the perception of the subject. As they say "sort and hello"!
Project author:
Inna Demidova

Identity and Brand Design, British Higher School of Art and Design

Program curator:
Ivan Velichko
Ivan Vasin
Grown up girls
Grown up girls is a story about age-related changes that begin around the age of 35. At this age, a woman faces a crisis, when it is especially hard to see her own insenescence, while unsuccessfully trying to fight it in various ways. These are the changes that we will accept closer to 45 and relax, but so far it is not easy for us. We’re in an unequal battle with the natural process. Women are very vulnerable at this time, and have too many experiences that distract them from understanding that they are actually BEAUTIFUL!

And under the pressure of this environment, we begin to run around beauticians, actively use Photoshop and masks on Instagram.

The goal of the project is not to try to convince us that certain changes that happen to us with aging are beautiful. And don’t try to focus on them. And I want to show that this is normal and natural, and most importantly — insignificantly. It shouldn’t cause so much anxiety. And no matter how trite this thought may sound — a woman is beautiful at any age.
Project author:
Maria Sosnovskaya

Photography for new media, British Higher School of Art and Design

Program curator:
Alexey Nikishin
Ekaterina Ivanova
Golda Debate Club
Golda Online Course and Debate Club: We want to create a critical thinking youth community that can confidently present own opinion on current issues and in public discussions and stimulate the motivation to act democratically to fight against various forms of discrimination.

How do we want to do this? Using a peer-to-peer approach, we host weekly online training sessions and debate competitions organised by young people and students (18−35 years old) for teens aged 13−16. The core content of the recorded videos should be used for sustained learning on our channel.
Project author:
Anna Bondarenko

Teaching online, School of Education

Program curator:
Daria Vyunova
Oleg Shvets
"Lightbulb" is a music video in which all the characters in life (except the artist Basta) are blind people. It is a non-commercial video. Created solely for you to see those who cannot see.
Project author:
Roman Bokov

Short form directing, Moscow Film School

Program Curator:
Pavel Boreyko
Short film.
Project author:
Maxim Zhitov

Producing, Moscow Film School

Program curator:
Ilya Neretin
Desislava Medkova
A series of documentaries about the work of public initiatives and NPO projects to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable citizens.
Project authors:
Irina Music
Lilia Dmitrik
Vera Vyatskaya
Stanislav Sorokin
Polina Kazartseva
Elizabeth Golovchenko

New Doc, Moscow Film School

Program curator:
Evgeny Gindilis
Daria Khrenova
The project deals with the theme of environmental pollution.

We intentionally hyperbolized the influence of a single person on nature to show that the future of the planet depends on all of us.
Project authors:
Egor Marchenko
Elizabeth Molchanova
Valeria Lee
Tera Edilgerieva
Vadim Lednev

VFX Artist, Scream School of Game Development

Program curator:
Vitaly Volkov
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design: eduard krylov
Universal University/2021