projects implemented based on briefs from real customers
Life through art
Life through art is a four-day retreat in St. Petersburg where participants will live an unconventional experience of interaction with the environment and art objects.

Participants will let art through themselves and try to reflect on themselves and business through art. The project is based on the brief by Skolkovo Moscow School of Management.
Project authors:
Ekaterina Suvorova
Elena Pelageevskaya

Designing Educational Experiences, School of Education

Program curator:
Sonya Smyslova
Our zine-magazine is a large creative project of the students of Alexey Nikishin’s course "Photography for new media" and the Russian Sovremennik theatre. Students and young actors discuss such important thoughts as "youth," "happiness," "freedom," "choice," "inspiration," "modernity" on its pages.

The zine consists of 21 fashion shootings and 21 interviews with the actor from the Sovremennik theatre. The zine has 220 pages in total, the solemn presentation of its printed issue is scheduled for the end of 2021, will be held at the Richter Hotel, in the Le big mag reading room.
Project authors:
Irina Smolikova
Alisa Abdulova
Elena Dolgovykh
Anna Malova
Ivan Gotovets
Anastasia Kostikova
Nadezhda Lokteva
Olga Ershkova
Julia Plekhova
Alexander Travin
Maria Sosnovskaya

Photography for New Media, British Higher School of Art and Design

Program curators:
Alexey Nikishin
Ekaterina Ivanova
Branded content for Cofix. A story about an electric bus driver who dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian.
Project author:
Alexander Konovalov

Short Form Directing, Moscow Film School

Program curator:
Sergey Osipyan
Asya Vuchetich
Eldar Jincharadze
The project "Segmentation and Marketing Strategy for Tourism Development in the Republic of Altai" was created by order of the representative of the Republic Alla Razuvaeva and the Development Centre of the Republic of Altai, headed by Mikhail Grudin.

The Republic of Altai is one of the key tourist destinations in Russia, which at the same time was not ready for the dramatically increased flow of people. The influx of tourists revealed the multiple problems of the Republic: the lack of a transport system and navigation, information for tourists and locals, as well as the measures to protect nature from anthropogenic pressure.

Our project is a way to solve these problems and help the Republic to stay true to itself, while finding its own unmistakable voice that appeals to those who can truly appreciate the Gorno-Altai Republic.
Project authors:
Daria Shkurenko
Daria Prokhorova
Ivanna Sirotkina
Konstantin Gridasov

Marketing and Brand Management, British Higher School of Art and Design

Program curator:
Andrey Purtov
Brand content based on the Miratorg brief. The video reflects the value of the brand — uniting around one table. Description: Max, an avid hiker, takes his friends to the countryside, who are constantly on their phones. Max manages to bring the guys together by cooking steaks and eating them.
Project authors:
Anna Matsyuk
Sabina Apudina
Yaroslav Shcherbakov
Arseniy Atoyan
Diana Lifshits
Anna Fedorova
Anna Shebanova

Short Form Directing, Moscow Film School

Program curators:
Sergey Osipyan
Asya Vuchetich
Eldar Jincharadze
The real story of Katya, who wanted to run away from herself, but found herself running instead. The project was made according to the brief of Raiffeisenbank.
Project authors:
Artur Makinyan

Short Form Directing, Moscow Film School

Program curators:
Sergey Osipyan
Asya Vuchetich
Eldar Jincharadze
Creation of a new design of the media facade for the Gorky Moscow Art Theatre.
Project authors:
Anastasia Nikolskaya
Daria Khokhlina
Alena Tokmyanina
Yuri Lobanov
Valeria Trubinova
Julia Neshto
Alexander Lyadsky
Ella Rapetskaya
Mikhail Ivanichkin
Denis Zabolotny
Radik Romanov
Ilya Kuznetsov
Anastasia Bovykina
Sabina Tuktarova
Daniel Cherednik
Natalya Silachenko
Anton Kartinin
Julia Maksimova
Anna Shutina
Ekaterina Eremeeva
Anastasia Mitrokhina
Ksenia Rybalchenko

Motion Design, British Higher School of Art and Design, Scream School

Program curator:
Vadim Vinogorov
The laboratory takes place on the basis of the Moscow theatre Novaya Opera named after. E. V. Kolobov with the participation of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. The project is supported by the Union of Composers of Russia, the British Higher School of Art and Design and the Moscow Department of Culture.

The first stage of the "adult" Lab started on November 14, 2020 in online and offline formats. As part of the educational period, the participants were mentored by experts active in the field of contemporary musical theatre and the direction of new media.

The second stage is the process of interaction and communication between scientists and artists united in eight teams, their search for technological, psychological and creative solutions to create eight science operas, which were presented on October 31, 2021 at the Novaya Opera.

In the 2020/2021 season, the rapidly developing, creative and promising field of ART&SCIENCE has been chosen as the main direction of the Laboratory — contemporary art at the intersection of artistic and scientific approaches, as a result of synthesis and synchronisation of creative and technological processes.
Project authors:
Mira Shevchenko
Olena Grankina
Alina Ovsyannikova
Anastasia Borodinova
Alexandra Khahan
Julia Shadrina
Elizabeth Workers
Gleb Efimov
Farhad Iksanov
Ekaterina Tsybulkova
Yulia Semchenko
Uliana Eremina
Olga Kravtsova
Ekaterina Timofeeva
Elena Sakirko
Maria Smirnova
Alexandra Polyakova

Scenography, British Higher School of Art and Design

Program curators:
Galina Solodovnikova
Polina Bakhtina
design: eduard krylov
Universal University/2021